Here's some information about me!

Joan Gomez Wilkinson

I got involved in computer science when I was a kid thanks to a 386 we had at home.

From there I started working in a component shop and started studying professional software development in C.P. Villar. So I specialized both in hardware and software.

I studied my computing engineering career in Universitat Pompeu Fabra and was scouted out by one of my teachers to work with him in Saants D.I.. We developed websites and flash actionscript applications.

After a few years I was hired by IN2 as a .NET asp specialist, and positioned in a project for the generalitat of catalunya, as part as the team that took care of eacat and developed new services for the platform. I was in charge of the neighbourhood promotion service, the account syndicate service and education service, between others. A few years later the company went bankrupt and lost the eacat project.

After that, I moved out from the city to a village and gave a big push to my freelancing career. Slowly but surely creating a satisfied costumer block, giving my clients a hassle-worry free service with innovative solutions for their IT necessities.

I am native in English, Catalan and Spanish.

Currently I’m specializing in Drupal, because I consider it the way to go for most webpage requirements, but also code in .net and have experience working with DNN.